Cellular Attitude – The 9 step guide to a happier life by Adam Caplan, published in February 2013 has been updated and the second edition has landed. Cellular Attitude is about helping you develop a positive attitude that will make your life significantly happier and more productive. Unlike many ‘positive mental attitude’ approaches that avoid the causes of negativity, the 9 steps outlined help you to identify and then eliminate the negative influences within us. Theses Negative Emotional Charges (NEC’s) cause much of our unhappiness and foster potentially destructive behaviour.

It’s a programme that has already helped hundreds of people improve their lives and the lives of people around them. Adam Caplan wrote Cellular Attitude in hospital whilst recovering from a serious motor accident. He draws upon his past work as a post traumatic stress facilitator as well as his wide range life experience as a popular motivational speaker, education software entrepreneur, employee engagement and sales trainer, executive coach and management consultant.

The book and the programmes have already changed lives. Let it change yours.

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Promotional copies printed with your brand?

Cellular Attitude – The 9 step guide to a happier life is a book that motivates and creates a more positive attitude to every reader. What better promotional product can there be?

A very unique and different method of positively promoting your brand, giving customers, staff and suppliers a copy of Cellular Attitude can be a very effective way of engaging customer, staff and suppliers by showing your appreciation with providing a motivating book.

We can even provided copies of our book that can sport your company logo prominently on the cover as in the example below, or a longer message with your logo on the inside cover can be designed, as per your requirements.

Standard copies of Cellular Attitude can be purchased singly, delivered to your customers, staff and suppliers directly by us or you can order bespoke branded copies. The minimum order quantity is 60 units. These can be delivered directly by us to your recipients or in bulk to your office for distribution.

For details on branding, design options and how copies of Cellular Attitude can motivate a workforce, please get in touch.

A recent blog related to the book has been published, called Happiness – What do we want from life.

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