The Training Programmes

Cellular Attitude delivers training to all businesses that want to see a positive impact on their actual results.

Through psychologically based programmes, staff gain a better understanding of their behaviour, learn new techniques to achieve the desired outcomes, gain tremendous confidence and the ability to become a more effective worker.

The initial focus of Cellular Attitude is sales and customer based employees, however, our motivational speeches, Cellular Attitude workshops, executive coaching a and employee engagement programmes have benefitted employees across the board, from Sales to Accounts, from Customer Service to Yard Staff, From HR to Health and Safety.

Our training is supported by our online learning management system ‘TrainingBot’ developed by Adam Caplan and his team to deliver a positive online learning experience. It includes the entire Psychology Of Sales programme and many other courses as well. For more details on any programme, please call us on 020 530 9797

Sales Training Programmes

  • The Psychology Of Sales programme – 2 day foundation course, essential.
  • Telephone selling – 1,2 or 3 day courses
  • Advanced Sales Training programme. Choose from a number of modules to create the programme right for your team. Options: Account management, high value client relationships, sales reps, professional cold calling/ business development, dynamic sales presentations, great sales meetings, structuring deals and creating ownership
  • Negotiation Skills – 1 day course
  • Mentoring – Follow up sessions, listening to calls, ongoing advice and support service.
  • Networking for your business – 1 day course

Management training

  • Building and managing a great sales team – 2 day course (Inc: KPI’s & Maths of sales)
  • Managing underperforming sales people and turning them around – 1 day programme
  • KPI’s and the Maths of sales – 1 day course
  • Executive coaching & management mentoring – bespoke programmes
  • The Leadership & Management programmes through the NCLM

Advanced Customer Service Programmes

  • Exceptional customer service – 1,2 3 and 4 day courses.
  • Managing customer service agents and avoiding their burn out. 1 day course

Online Training Portal

  • A learning management system that includes the online version of The Psychology Of Sales, other programmes and is a fully functioning staff training tool.

Staff engagement & Motivation

  • Communication and the Cellular Relationship Wheel – 1 day course
  • Cellular Attitude Motivation Workshops – 2 day courses split over a 30 day period
  • Public speaking – 1 day course