Cellular Attitude is a family business created by father and daughter, Adam and Bianca Caplan. We make a wonderful power team! From running our first marathon together in 2015 to building software, going in to business together and taking on the challenges of life not only as father and daughter, but as a team with an unbreakable bond. One of the reasons we work so well together is because we both have a growth mindset, we challenge each other and respect one another. With a more than positive outlook on life, we hope to share this with our clients so that you too can benefit from having a Cellular Attitude both in business and in life. As a family business, we welcome all our clients to become part of the Cellular Attitude family. It’s personal, it’s proper and it works! 

Our mission is simple – to make selling ethical, easy and effective and to help you gain a Cellular Attitude. Become happier, more successful and learn, grow and develop your skills from the inside out.

Adam Caplan

Adam, 52, is a motivational speaker, head sales trainer, Buccaneer business coach, trained trauma therapist and sales expert with over 30 years of experience in the field of sales. Adam has worked with many companies to boost their margins by up to 300%. Adam is the creator of the Cellular Attitude online courses ‘The Psychology of Sales’ and ‘The Language of Sales’. Adam has helped change the lives of many through helping people achieve a positive mindset and reach their goals in life and the workplace.

After a near death experience, Adam wrote Cellular Attitude: The 9-step guide to a happier life which integrated Trauma Incident Reduction techniques used in therapy. Even though Adam is no longer a trauma counsellor, he continues to inspire many and help them lead and live much happier lives. Adam has also run the Jerusalem Marathon 3 times! Did you know that the Jerusalem Marathon is the world’s most extreme city marathon? Adam is no athlete but his sheer motivation and determination gets him through it every time! The mind is a powerful tool, we really can achieve anything we put our minds to.

A complete aviation nut, if you start talking about planes, prepare for a long evening! Adam is close to completing his Private Pilot’s Licence and is also a Director of The Promotional Aircraft Company.

Adam is an eccentric entrepreneur with a creative flair and has been developing software aside to Cellular Attitude since 2010. Our latest project, WORK V, will be launching in 2020. His weekly blog ‘Born to Sell’ written for his BNI chapter is well worth following.


Bianca Caplan

Bianca Caplan, 26, is a motivational speaker, sales trainer, co-author of Cellular Attitude: 9-step guide to a happier life and sales & marketing whizz for The Promotional Aircraft Company. Bianca has been trained by her father, Adam, in the art of sales since a young age. With experience as a sales executive in different sectors including retail, finance, e-commerce, tech, education and fitness, Bianca has also worked both in the UK and overseas. Bianca has undergone an array of sales training courses in various roles in addition to Adam’s training and Psychology of Sales. Bianca has achieved top sales results in multiple companies before joining forces in the family business. Adam often says that Bianca is the better salesperson!

Bianca’s age and experience makes her relatable and engaging to the younger generation. Bianca delivers her own motivational talks to Further Education Colleges across England to inspire them to engage in subjects they are struggling with, and shares the importance of investing time in their education. Bianca has a vivacious, bubbly and positive outlook on life. 

Aside from our work together, Bianca is a home cook and recipe developer with a passion for food and writing her blog, Cooking with the Caplan’s. Without the time to go to Culinary School, Bianca has taught herself many of the traditional dishes and techniques from the age of 12. From studies at school, reading countless cookbooks and blogs, volunteering with chefs and assisting cookery classes in Israel and exercising her curiosity in restaurants she’s visited across the world (since she was 6), she’s banked some wonderful knowledge and inspiration. At age 22, Bianca moved to Tel Aviv by herself knowing no one, a brave and courageous move that endowed so much of Bianca’s personal development and growth. Here she embarked on an unforgettable culinary journey. She found solace in the hustle and bustle of the middle eastern ‘shuks’ (markets) across Tel Aviv and the old city of Jerusalem, learning about traditional and modern cooking with influences from all over the world.

Bianca throws dinner parties, builds menu’s and caters for family and friends who are begging her to start her own catering business. Get in touch if you want Bianca to discuss throwing you a dinner party for you and your family/friends!

Bianca is currently learning to fly as well as her father and is soon to do her first wing walking experience.