A Family Business

A true family business, father and daughter, Adam and Bianca Caplan.

A simple mission – to make selling ethical, easy and effective.

Based on the tenets of the books Cellular Attitude – the 9 step guide to a happier life and The Psychology Of Sales, the programmes delivered are designed to help salespeople understand how to sell effectively and unlock the barriers that cause them to fail.

Available as an online programme, delivered in person or as hybrid options, this is sales training based on psychology, communication and has been delivered to thousands of delegates around the world.

Meet the team: 

Adam Caplan

Adam, 50, is a motivational speaker, author of Cellular Attitude, trained trauma therapist and sales expert who has over 30 years of experience in the field of sales. Adam has worked with many companies to boost their margins by up to 300%. Adam is the creator of the Cellular Attitude online course ‘The Psychology of Sales’ and ‘The Language of Sales’. Adam has helped change the lives of many through helping people achieve a positive mindset and reach their goals in life and the workplace.

A complete aviation nut, if you start talking about planes, prepare for a long evening!

His weekly blog, Born To Sell, written for his BNI chapter is well worth following.

Bianca Caplan

Bianca Caplan, 25 has been trained by her father, Adam in the art of sales since a young age. She has experience in public speaking and been actively selling since the age of 16. With experience in retail, finance, e-commerce and tech, having worked both in the UK and overseas, Bianca’s age and experience makes her relatable and engaging to the younger generation. Bianca has a vivacious, bubbly and positive outlook on life. Bianca has achieved top sales rep results in multiple companies before joining forces in the family business. Adam often says the Bianca’s the better salesperson!

Bianca is also an accomplished chef and writes a food blog. She’s following in her Dad’s footsteps and is currently learning to fly as well.