At Cellular Attitude, we assist companies with more than just sales training. The following services are bespoke and priced according to client specifications. All offer a great return on investment.

Sales Coaching: A service for directors, managers and team leaders. Individual work on strategy, planning, structuring and developing sales teams. Coaching and mentoring gives an opportunity for executives to discuss their challenges with a trusted third party expert.

Creating sales teams: Want to build a sales team? Let us help you create a new sales team from scratch. We can assist with everything from creating the recruitment advertisement, to finding, assessing, interviewing, testing and qualifying candidates for consideration. We can offer a full recruitment solution or someting tailored to your business.

Outsourcing sales campaigns: Sometimes a business has short term campaigns. Our work with Lexis Nexis demonstrated that short term campaigns can deliver excellent results, although not every company has the resources or manpower to manage these campaigns. We can run campaigns on behalf of your company, both in your premises and externally, depending on the campaign requirements.

In-house sales campaigns: We’ve helped businesses develop entire sales campaigns and helped them manage the process from start to finish. We can help build your campaign, develop the scripts, train the staff, build the KPI tracking and assess the team’s process.

Sales & Marketing Planning: Sales and marketing are kindred spirits, both looking to increase sales and customers, but coming at it from a different angle. We have worked with large marketing departments in the past to help develop the marketing message to complement the sales messages from the sales teams. Ensuring the two departments work in concert is vital, we can be the bridge between the two.

Networking training: Networking is a much misunderstood and often unfairly maligned sales technique that offers a very positive return on investment. We’ve seen networking deliver effective results in almost all types of business, however, effective networking requires training, commitment and understanding. We have a wealth of networking experince and can help demystify networking to deliver a great return on investment.

For further details on any of these services please call Adam or Bianca on 020 8530 9797