Life, The Universe & Selling… the 2021 updated webinar

The answer to Life, The Universe and Selling is not 42, rather it is even simpler. We thought we’d update the answer to Life, The Universe and Selling with our latest webinar. This was our most popular webinar of 2020 and it’s updated for 2021. People say that selling is difficult, yet as a sales …

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The Math Of Sales webinar with Bianca and Adam Caplan – April 13th, 19:00 GMT

Registration is free, click here to register for your place. Limited to 100 spaces. The webinar is at the slightly later start time of 7pm, the later time based on feedback from our regulars, a Tuesday evening for a change. Selling isn’t just about talking to customers, it’s also all about the activity and …

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What’s your WHY?

What’s your why in selling? February’s webinar seeks to answer the following: Why do you sell the product or service you’re currently offering? Why do your customers buy from you? Why do your customers buy the product or service you offer? Why are you in sales in the first place? Bianca and Adam Caplan will …

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The Anti-Sales Manifesto Webinar

I’m a sales trainer, I’m a sales coach and I’m a salesperson.

You might wonder what I’m doing writing the anti-sales manifesto.

Simply put, I want to put forward my case to STOP people selling. Stop selling and start caring! This webinar will share some of the secrets to the sales code! Life will never be the same…

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Confidence in Selling! Free sales webinar by Adam & Bianca Caplan with Holly Caplan from the USA! December 1st

December’s free sales training webinar deals with a vital component to a successful salesperson’s repertoire: CONFIDENCE. Adam and Bianca are joined this month by the renowned Dream Strategist, Confidence Coach and Author, Holly Caplan. (For more about the amazing Holly, see Three coaches called Caplan, one great webinar. In this webinar we look at …

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Selling in a mask! – Has selling been affected by COVID? Free webinar.

‘Has selling been affected by COVID?’ is a hot topic amongst sales trainers and coaches at the moment. Our next free webinar looks at the challenges that salespeople have encountered because of COVID. Hosted by Bianca and Adam Caplan, it will give us all something to take our minds off the US Election that day! …

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Life, The Universe and Selling

The answer to Life, The Universe and Selling is not 42, rather it is even simpler. After the extremely bland description of our previous webinar, we’ve raised the stakes this time by offering the answer to Life, The Universe and Selling with our latest webinar. Bianca and I are very excited about this one! People …

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Using LinkedIn to grow your network and generate sales

Not the catchiest of headlines I’ll readily admit but it is the most succinct and self explanatory. I was considering a catchy headline, like: “Fishing with LinkedIn” or “Make LinkedIn your personal Death Star” or “Do you want to be in the room where it happens? LinkedIn is YOUR room” In the end I went …

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Who needs the lottery… when you can sell! July 1st, 9.30AM

Who needs the lottery … when you can sell is the first in our monthly free webinar/ live podcast series, hosted by Adam and Bianca Caplan. Adam and Bianca discuss their latest article, look at what changes you can make to your life today to enjoy the benefits of winning the lottery almost immediately. We …

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