Confidence in Selling! Free sales webinar by Adam & Bianca Caplan with Holly Caplan from the USA! December 1st

Date 2020-12-01-2020-12-01

December’s free sales training webinar deals with a vital component to a successful salesperson’s repertoire: CONFIDENCE.

Adam and Bianca are joined this month by the renowned Dream Strategist, Confidence Coach and Author, Holly Caplan. (For more about the amazing Holly, see www.hollycaplan.com)

Three coaches called Caplan, one great webinar.

In this webinar we look at the following elements surrounding confidence:

a) What is confidence anyway?
b) What makes people confident?
c) What steps can women, in particular take, to show more confidence?
d) Can you really fake it till you make it, and should you?
e) Bianca and Holly discuss manifestation
f) Adam’s top 5 steps to true confidence
g) Why is true confidence so important to salespeople?

The webinar is free, it’s open to only 100 people, it will be 90 minutes and you’ll all get a reward for just attending!

When: Dec 1, 2020 18:30 GMT London or 12:30 Central for Dallas, TX
Topic: Confidence in Selling!

Register in advance for this webinar:

There will be a pretty important and exciting announcement at the end of this webinar as well, so tune in to be the first to hear about an event taking place in March 2021 that is guaranteed to change lives!

We hope you can make it, all the best,

Bianca, Adam AND Holly!