Is it time for a Re-Start(up)? The Project Re-Start webinar

Date 2021-03-01

Our next free webinar is titled Project Re-Start, or as we’ve mentioned before Project Re-StartUP!

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In many respects EVERY business should look at everything as if it were a start-up again. After all, we are all going into the unknown in this Post-Covid world. The bank of England recently commented that the UK is like a coiled spring, ready to bounce back after a year unlike any other!

In this webinar we are going to cover and look at how we can use the same procedures that you would if this was a start-up. Think LEAN, everyone!

Re-write your sales plan, your business plan, your mission statement and re-set your KPI’s to ensure that you are ready and able to take advantage of the very real OPPORTUNITY that life after pandemic may have sent you.

Out-perform your competition by being more prepared and readier to take on the challenge and this could be your defining moment in business.

In business, if you do what you’ve always done, in this new era, you will certainly not get what you’ve always got.

After The Disruption, will your business be ready to RESTARTUP?

It’s time to get ready for the world after Covid, this webinar will leave you with actions and some very thought provoking ideas to make 2021 the year we all bounce back.

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