Life, The Universe & Selling… the 2021 updated webinar

The answer to Life, The Universe and Selling is not 42, rather it is even simpler.

We thought we’d update the answer to Life, The Universe and Selling with our latest webinar. This was our most popular webinar of 2020 and it’s updated for 2021.

People say that selling is difficult, yet as a sales trainer/ coach/ mentor, I can confidently say it isn’t.

So why do people find it difficult?

In fact, why do some of our delegates, even after our superb sales training, still have difficulty with selling?

The answer lies in two extraordinary factors, which we will be discussing in this webinar.

These two factors, combined with the negative emotion, fear, ensure that salespeople all over the world struggle to get deals and get extremely stressed trying to do so.

Furthermore, their stress leads to them making unethical decisions and selling unethically. Desperation leads to desperate selling or, if we are going to say it exactly how it is: conning people just to get the sale.

It’s the opposite of what we stand for as a business.

We will share the answers to Life, The Universe and Selling during the webinar, explain the two factors and demonstrate just how easy it is to overcome them.

Free sign up, attendees all get a free gift of a Cellular Attitude time tracking/ time management pad OR access to our online Time Management training course

So, free gifts, an enjoyable and interesting webinar AND you get to discover the secret to selling!

Sounds like a webinar not to miss to me!

ONLY 100 places for this one.

Make every day a positive day… Adam

The event is on October 14th 19.00GMT and will last 90 mins.

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