Selling in a mask! – Has selling been affected by COVID? Free webinar.

Date 2020-11-03-2020-11-03

‘Has selling been affected by COVID?’ is a hot topic amongst sales trainers and coaches at the moment. Our next free webinar looks at the challenges that salespeople have encountered because of COVID. Hosted by Bianca and Adam Caplan, it will give us all something to take our minds off the US Election that day!

What has changed to the salesperson and customer relationship?

There are two clear objectives we will cover:

  1. How do you find customers in this new COVID era?
  2. When you get through to them, what do you say?

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Amongst the contraction of the economy with many businesses being put into the equivalent of hypersleep with furloughed staff, many salespeople have found no way to talk to customers.

Those that haven’t been subsequently furloughed have found it challenging to say the least to contact customers.

Clients of ours that have sales representatives calling in on customers have found their jobs impossible to carry out. Offices are empty, restrictions are in place and even after the lifting of the big lockdown, large swathes of customers were working from home either part-time or full time. If they have been out, they’ve been trying to communicate through the confines of a mask, which muffles voices and severely reduces the ability to read facial expressions and limits our communication abilities. Bianca’s writing an article about how to overcome body language problems when wearing a mask to sell, I’ve seen the draft, it looks excellent!

This webinar will give you some valuable insights to the changes that need to be made to keep you and your salesforce competitive and relevant in this new era.

Look forward to seeing you for a couple of hours of light relief from the election!


Bianca and Adam

Registration is free and easy: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TtPMIMgpT_SWoR_z9JNc6w