The Math Of Sales webinar with Bianca and Adam Caplan – April 13th, 19:00 GMT

Date 2021-04-13

Registration is free, click here to register for your place. Limited to 100 spaces. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_NXOR5kPBQaiboRYfVQslag

The webinar is at the slightly later start time of 7pm, the later time based on feedback from our regulars, a Tuesday evening for a change.

Selling isn’t just about talking to customers, it’s also all about the activity and efficiency of the selling process.

This webinar, with the father and daughter dynamic duo of Bianca and Adam Caplan, will help you understand the importance of KPI’s The Math Of Sales and how to use the NO’s from customers to lead you to the next YES.

One of the elements we will look at is how to engage EVERY customer that says NO, which could lead to future business with them, or receiving referrals from customers that will get you business. Building relationships is key.

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are key for a business to succeed and even more important for salespeople to understand, so they can take accountability for their own efforts.

The key to a successful, resilient and profitable sales career is understanding the importance of what we call The Math Of Sales.

You will never look at KPI’s or your leads in the same light again.

We’re also very excited to talk about the new book we’ve published, The Anti Sales Manifesto, which is now available to buy on our website.

Keep shining Superstars!

Bianca and Adam