Why is selling important for your business?

It should be an obvious question but ask your staff and you’ll be amazed by the different answers you will get, I’m afraid.

The Psychology Of Sales is our signature training programme and over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to ask the headline question a number of times.

Do all company directors and employees understand the importance of selling?
Ask some of them…

You may or may not have some experience in sales and you may or may not have had some success in it. You may not even consider that your role is a sales role at all. You may be involved in the customer service arena. You may work in accounts. You may have an administrative function or work on reception. You may be a senior manager, director or you may even be the owner of the business.

Whatever your role, sales will be an important part of your company if it involved in any way with acquiring and servicing customers.

Consider this: All businesses that have customers are reliant on sales.

If you are one of the salespeople or sales representatives for your business you might consider this: Without sales there is no business. If you are not directly involved in sales, you should also be aware of the importance of sales to your business. Your customers provide the revenue that allows the business to operate.

There is pressure for salespeople, for without good results your position becomes threatened, however, if you are any good, not only can you write your own pay cheque but you also become a highly prized and sought after asset to the company. However, as a salesperson you have a great deal of responsibility to deliver the results for them.

The idea of selling often makes non-sales people feel uncomfortable and there is often a perception that sales skills are shrouded in mystery. There is also a perception that selling itself is something that is difficult to do and unpleasant to undertake. Even experienced salespeople sometimes think that selling is hard. Personally, I don’t think it’s difficult when the right attitude is in place, but then, I’m biased as I’ve helped so many people get to the pinnacle of their company.

It’s a pity that selling gets such a bad rap. It is one of the most rewarding jobs available. There are many people who could be extremely good at selling who never get the chance to realise their potential.

Selling isn’t actually difficult if you understand how to do it and why it is important to most industries. If you tried to drive a car without any instruction, this would be hard to do. Yet, because all car drivers have had instruction, many of us are able to drive a car easily. Selling is very similar. It’s easy when you know how.

Everything we do aims to introduce you to selling effectively, confidently and achieving actual results that make a difference to the bottom line. Perhaps, if you have the right attitude, you can become the best salesperson that you can possibly be. At the very least we want to de-mystify the whole sales process so that you will understand what it is that a ‘natural born salesperson’ does that makes selling look so easy.

Perhaps you can learn to be a natural born salesperson. I certainly think you can!

I appreciate that you may consider yourself to be an excellent salesperson already, however, the situation is that these weekly blogs can show you a completely new perspective on the selling process and you may find that it helps you a great deal, if you use some of the techniques outlined, so I’d like you to approach everything that follows with an open mind and an open heart.

Would that be OK?

See you next week, Adam.


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