How important is Confidence to a salesperson?

The Confidence in Selling image

December’s free sales training webinar dealt with a vital component to a successful salesperson’s repertoire: CONFIDENCE.

Adam and Bianca were joined this month by the renowned Dream Strategist, Confidence Coach and Author, Holly Caplan. (For more about the amazing Holly, see

Three coaches called Caplan, one great webinar, reproduced here for your enjoyment.

In this webinar we looked at the following elements surrounding confidence:

a) What is confidence anyway?
b) What makes people confident?
c) What steps can women, in particular take, to show more confidence?
d) Can you really fake it till you make it, and should you?
e) Bianca and Holly discuss manifestation
f) Adam’s top 5 steps to true confidence
g) Why is true confidence so important to salespeople?

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