Leadership & Management Programmes

If your business is contributing to the apprenticeship levy, you will qualify for a number of different leadership & programmes. We at Cellular Attitude are partnered with the National Centre for Leadership & Management (NCLM) to provide 4 main programmes.

The National Centre for Leadership & Management is building the business school architecture of the future by focusing on a global teaching team, delivering learning in exceptional venues and at your own business, taking a fundamentally practical approach to learning. The programme minimises the learners time cost impact on the business by enabling the learners to complete a large percentage of the curriculum whilst at work, indeed, a majority of the curriculum is facilitated by work. The programme not only improves the learner, it also, by it’s hands-on programme delivers significant improvements to the business whilst the learner is completing the programme.

Thinkers 50 Executive MBA – Duration 2 years. For C suite directors and leaders. The future of the MBA. A global faculty of leadership thinkers and Speakers. Ideas, management and thinking for the future. This CMI approved programme is eligible for part funding from your apprenticeship levy contributions.

Business Improvement Lead – Duration 18 months. For senior managers being lined up to move up to Director level. The programmes deals with improving every element of your organisation. The Unique Diploma of Project Management. It also includes a change management project in the programme. This programme is PMI approved and is eligible for full funding from your apprenticeship levy contributions.

Advanced Management Programme – Duration 18 months. For Departmental managers and operational managers within business units. This programme helps develop the ‘engine room’ of the organisation by improving the management ability for all key personnel and helping managers become the leaders of the future. This CMI approved programme is eligible for full funding from your apprenticeship levy contributions.

Future Leaders Programme – Duration 1 year. For first time managers and young leaders. This is a 1 year programme to support early stage leaders with an exceptional curriculum across management and leadership. Creating the leaders of the future. This CMI approved programme can be fully funded by your apprenticeship levy contributions.

The NCLM says: Working in collaboration with universities, leadership organisations and industry bodies we believe that a diverse range of teachers and taught concepts offers an incomparable experience for business learners at each stage of their career. We develop programmes for businesses, charities and the public sector that are contextualized and deliver excellence across the board. NCLM, the future of business schools.

Apprenticeship levy contributions. If you are unsure about whether or not your company qualifies for the apprenticeship levy, a simple calculation is this: Does your business pay over £3 million a year in wages? If it does, it will probably be making apprenticeship levy contributions and this will qualify your organisation.

Did you know? If your company has used all of it’s apprenticeship levy already, you can still apply for additional funding, which is almost unlimited. The extra funding is based upon your organisation paying 5% towards the cost of the course with the apprenticeship fund covering the remaining 95%. This offers astonishing value for extremely high quality leadership and management funded training programmes.

To discuss your organisation’s requirements, please call the office on 020 8530 9797