The Master Class Series is a series of coaching and training webinars aimed at specific industries and markets. The series seeks to make a crucial difference by coaching business leaders, entrepreneurs, directors and salespeople to Sell More Now and Sell With Love through the tenets of The Anti-Sales Manifesto.

The first series is “Selling To Retailers”. Adam Caplan teams up with retail industry experts to help suppliers to the retail industry improve how they sell to and service retail buyers and merchandisers.

A free Selling To Retailers Accelerator webinar is being offered on June 22nd and July 5th

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Interviewed May 2021, Adam Caplan discussed The Master Class series:

“Being able to sell is probably the most important skill that any commercial businessperson needs to excel at, and yet, it’s often thought of as difficult and unpleasant.
For me, good selling is having the right attitude and ethical intention. Great selling takes that idea a step further. In the Anti-sales manifesto, Bianca and I discuss the importance of really caring about your customers and really wanting to do the right thing by them.
We created the Master Class series to bring this concept to a wider audience and where better to start than where I cut my teeth, all those years ago, selling to retailers
My experience in retail took me all over Europe, at a time when bureaucracy was rampant, the Berlin Wall still stood, globalisation was in its infancy and access to buying teams was a challenge.
This programme of 5 interactive webinars will give suppliers, to today’s retailer buyers, powerful tools and valuable insights to maximise the best opportunity to open up new markets, increase sales, develop relationships and build a better understanding of the benefits your products and services can offer your retailer.
I’ve teamed up with industry experts to give you some insights on both sides of the fence and the opportunity to build a cohesive strategy to help your business compete with the biggest brands on the planet.

Selling to retailers can be easy, effective, efficient and profitable, when you know how to avoid the common pitfalls, best practices and the value of sales data.”

Interviewed, London 2021

You can order the Master Class as follows:

Full package of all 5 webinars for £495 + VAT (Usual price £625 + VAT)
Webinar 1: Open the door. £125 + VAT
Webinar 2: Close the deal. £125 + VAT
Webinar 3: Develop effective relationships. £125 + VAT
Webinar 4: Taking the next steps. £125 + VAT
Webinar 5: Selling your brand. £125 + VAT

More details about each webinar is below:

Love your customers, I mean, REALLY love them!

Book on to one of the FREE Selling To Retailers Accelerator webinars. June 22nd and July 5th

Book here: Accelerator on the 22nd June 15:00 GMT
Book here: Accelerator on the 5th July 19:00 GMT

Open the door. Getting in front of the right person is half the struggle!
Order Here: Open The Door: June 28th or July 9th
Single webinar session is £125+VAT, delegates can attend one or both sessions and get access to the session recordings as well.

How we sell has been changed by the pandemic and it’s likely that some of these changes will continue for the foreseeable future.

Selling to retailers has been affected in the same manner.

Getting in front of a new retailer or even a new department within an exisitng retailer is less straightforward than it used to be.

In the ‘Open the door Master Class’, Adam Caplan is joined by Nicola Kirby to look at what strategy you should adopt when starting to work with new customers. Nicola will share what has worked for her both as a very successful buyer and supplier to large retailers. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise has shaped her global career with retailers such as Next, Next Sourcing, John Lewis, M&S, Courtaulds, Clarks and Arcadia, amongst others.
Adam Caplan will share some useful techniques to adopt when opening the door.

Understanding what to say to get that appointment, how to manage the initial engagement and how to ensure you can handle objections specific to the retail buyer environment will be an important skill to learn.

Nicola will share her knowledge on how to prepare and plan your approach, what to say and specifically what to avoid. She will also share some of her stories of how suppliers won her over and how she used these skills as a supplier to win large contracts.

This will be of interest to any supplier that wants to break into new retailers, new buying department at existing retailers and even for suppliers that want to get a relationship with a new buyer in an existing department off to a good start.

Close the deal. You’re in, you’re pitching, your product’s great, why are they not buying?
Order Here: Open The Door: July 12th or July 23rd
Single webinar session is £125+VAT, delegates can attend one or both sessions and get access to the session recordings as well.

In the second MasterClass, Close The Deal looks at how to get those deals done and how to avoid the pitfalls of over-eagerness and fear.

The sales process lives or dies at the moment of truth; The Close.

Most people do not realise when this moment of truth starts and how to finish it.

In this, the second MasterClass, Adam Caplan and Nicola Kirby share their stories and advice on how to get a deal done when selling to retailers.

Nicola, who’s been a buyer and supplier whilst at Next, has a unique insight into the mindset and processes of retail buying. She will share her knowledge on best practice and the 7 key elements that make up a successful pitch to buyers, irrespective of what you are selling.

She will also share the 3 biggest mistakes suppliers make.

Adam Caplan, twice published author and sales coach, will share some important tips that get you asking the right questions to get those deals over the line.