Adam Caplan’s The Psychology Of Sales is an in-depth online training course that has helped thousands of salespeople sell more with less stress for over ten years now.

Adam Caplan’s The Psychology Of Sales

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The Psychology Of Sales ONLINE includes 37 video based modules, each with a professional training film and assessment. The programme has a pre-training assessment and a post training course assessment. Learners must pass the assessment with each film in order to progress to the next one, ensuring that they have understood the topic being trained.

This course can act as stand alone training to improve your sales or as part of a face face training with Cellular Attitude and the Sell More Now! programme.

Learners that complete the course have reported significant improvements in their sales results, activity and closing percentages. Suitable for desktop or mobile device access.

The programme includes:
1. What is selling?
2. What is selling and understanding ‘The Sales Process’
3. Helping customers make the right buying decision and the 8 steps of ‘The Sales Process’
4. How to be effective with your sales and your time
5. The best ways of working
6. The 4 step trust creation process
7. Getting your customers to like and trust you
8. Active listening
9. The Customer Trust Generator – Actual and perceived communication
10. The Customer Trust Generator – Building Trust
11. The Communication Matrix
12. Verbal and face to face communication
13. What actually happens when we communiciate
14. The power of acknowledgements
15. Emotional Scale Mapping
16. Building relationships – what to do and what not to do
17. The right and wrong techniques to building rapport
18. The Wheel Of Rapport
19. Respect, trust and affection
20. When a relationship goes wrong
21. The 9 step relationship recovery process
22. Relationship recovery
23. The Matrix Module
24. Telling isn’t selling
25. The importance of asking questions
26. Simple closing techniques
27. Your job as a great salesperson
28. The school system
29. The 5 A’s of selling
30. The 5 A’s of selling continued
31. The summary of the 5 A’s of selling
32. Our personal operating system
33. Question phobia
34. Grammar in sales
35. The benefits of using the past tense
36. The Sales Wheel with tenses
37. The Assertive Selling method and course conclusion

The programme has helped salespeople in the finance, construction, software, media, education, sport and legal sectors to improve their sales results.

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