Negotiation Skills – ‘Beyond Negotiation’ online training course

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Do you want to become a better negotiator and get the most out of life, work and relationships? This course is an extremely in-depth negotiation skills course that will benefit everyone and is suitable from beginner to expert level. After the disruption, there’s no better time to improve your negotiation skills.


This course will certainly improve your skills as a Negotiator!

Negotiation is used not only in sales but in all aspects of life; from getting the best deal, negotiating a better salary and terms at work, buying a new item, home or holiday…the list is endless. In this course you will learn how to negotiate, when to negotiate and how to rescue seemingly impossible situations with ease and confidence. Negotiation skills will even help you better relationships and get more out of them.

The skills of a great negotiator are not about flashy delivery or learning some mystical methods. The reality is that everybody can AND should be able to negotiate brilliantly! This course will make that happen.

16 video based modules (each with post module competency-based assessments) and 8 individual negotiation assessments that will turn any level of negotiator into a negotiation superstar. This course is delivered by Adam Caplan through Cellular Attitude and after the disruption, there’s no better time to improve your negotiation skills.

Course Modules

1. Introduction – Why negotiate?
2. What is negotiation all about?
3. When should you negotiate?
4. The planning process of negotiation.
5. What makes a good negotiator?
6. What questions do good negotiators ask?
7. The 8 steps to a successful negotiation, part 1.
8. The 8 steps to a successful negotiation, part 2.
9. The flow of negotiation, part 1.
10. The flow of negotiation, part 2.
11. Get time on your side.
12. Preparation checklist, part 1.

13. Preparation checklist, part 2.
14. Preparation checklist, part 3.
15. Tactics & strategies.
16. Strategic questions.

Negotiation Assessments

1. What is your negotiation style?
2. What is your potential as a negotiator?
3. Do you like to negotiate?
4. What makes a good negotiator?
5. What type of negotiator are you? 

6. Assessing potential negotiating team members
7. What is your current negotiation ability?
8. The argument test.


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