Motivational and inspiring Keynote Speaking events

Adam Caplan is an experienced, interesting, effective and thought provoking public speaker. He has delivered an array of captivating talks such as:

  • The psychology of sales – redefining what selling means in the 21st century. Includes The Matrix Module and Jedi Master Selling
  • Selling in the digital age – With technology dominating businesses, how do you keep selling without relying completely on technology?
  • Born to sell – Is there such a thing as a natural born salesperson? What Adam thinks is that everyone is a natural born salesperson, if only they knew how
  • The language of sales – The language we use is key to selling. Grammar and tense is extremely relevant to every salesperson, you’d be amazed to see how
  • Who needs the lottery when you can sell? – Highly motivating talk to get entrepreneurs and sales professionals excited about how they can transform their businesses by ensuring their businesses are sales focussed.
  • Accessing the future – An intriguing look at how technology is going to affect work in the future and how children need to prepare today to compete tomorrow
  • Escape velocity – Escape velocity is breaking free of negativity to achieve your full potential in every way possible
  • Cellular Attitude – The 9 step guide to a happier life. Taking control of your emotions and driving yourself forward to a happier life
  • Negotiate this! – The secrets of the advanced negotiators revealed. Become a master negotiator
  • Attitude adjuster – How to get a powerful positive mental attitude and why it’s so important
  • Awkward customer – Changing the nature of your relationship with difficult customers
  • Profit margin – Engaging staff to make your business more effective, efficient and profitable
  • Prime mover – How entrepreneurs are the prime force behind economic success. What makes us tick and how to become even more motivated

Adam’s talks are available as short talks, longer key notes, all day seminars and also as an interesting event host. With training in acting, stand-up, improvised acting and years of working as a motivational speaker Adam is versatile, funny, charming and highly energetic. Your audiences will have a memorable day taking home ideas that can change their lives, for the better.

Bianca Caplan is also available for public speaking, while she is fresh to public speaking, she’s a born natural. Some of Bianca’s talks include:

  • Cellular Business – Treat your business like a cell and watch it multiply
  • Let positivity into your life – The power of positivity, leave negativity at the door
  • Believe to achieve – Manifesting your success daily, becoming the best salesperson you can be
  • The secret to success – Like people and they will like you back
  • The ethical sell – How to get customers to buy what they want and how to ensure salespeople deliver ethical sales