Motivational sales training tailored for your business

Reach for the stars with Cellular Attitude Sales Training

Training with Cellular Attitude is not just about delivering results by becoming a better salesperson, customer service advisor, manager or senior executive, it’s about staff becoming more effective and happier in their everyday duties in the workplace. We help each delegate push their performance to their limits to improve their actual results and their self-belief, making for stronger sales teams, happier staff and more positive customer outcomes.

Cellular Attitude training courses deliver 5 key benefits

  1. Improve staff performance through in-house and online blended training for delegates to achieve the goals set.
  2. Reduce stress and workload for staff by upskilling delegates and improving their current skillset and abilities to deliver the desired results.
  3. Improve motivation and staff engagement through helping staff feel more capable and confident in their abilities, enabling individuals become more productive and effective in their role.
  4. Better sales and negotiation outcomes supported by the online USP sales and negotiation training courses: ‘The Psychology of Sales’ and ‘The Language of Sales’; to complement the face to face training sessions.
  5. Improved customer outcomes because employees become highly engaged, effective and positive in their customer interactions, giving customers a superior experience, leading to better, more productive outcomes.

Do you want to drive more sales, increase motivation and better results from your sales teams? Cellular Attitude isn’t your usual sales training, we deliver motivational sales training to help staff grow from the inside out. Happy people make more sales. Attain higher staff performance and happier staff with the Cellular Attitude 2-part Sales Solution.

Cellular Attitude offer a two-part solution to deliver effective staff training sessions to master the sales process and drive better results:

  1. Face to face training delivering modules from The Cellular Attitude ‘Psychology of Sales’ training programme, tailored for the delegates roles, standards and abilities.
  2. An online learning solution that teaches the delegates many of the concepts delivered in the face to face sessions and continues their development after the course. This offers delegates additional support at all times, accessible on all devices and available 24/7. This can often be set up to run alongside the ongoing development programme.

The Cellular Attitude ‘Psychology of Sales’ programme has been delivered to many diverse organisations seeking to improve their employee’s sales, negotiation and customer service skills. Supported by our online training programme, staff receive in-depth training to help them progress in their roles and deliver improved results.

The face to face sessions are always enjoyable and high energy, relevant to the delegates, and most importantly we deliver learning outcomes that sink in and make lasting changes to staff performance.

Feedback from delegates is very positive, many call the sessions ‘life-changing’. Delegates walk away with new communication skills that improve workplace interactions and have a positive benefit on their daily lives inside and outside the workplace.

All staff are pre-assessed, post-assessed and receive company co-branded work-books to support their development