Sales Clubhouse helps salespeople, business owners and entrepreneurs close more deals and make more money through an accountability programme that includes training, coaching and mentoring. It follows Adam Caplan’s Anti-Sales Manifesto, The Psychology Of Sales and The ABC of Selling books and courses .

Getting more sales can be a tricky business! Sales Clubhouse combines coaching, training and mentoring to teach, engage and motivate salespeople, business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales directors and sales managers to sell more now, sell with love, and sell ethically with a positive attitude

Do you talk to customers? Do you want more of the right customers, more of the right deals and have better quality sales conversations?

Are you looking to improve results, reduce stress and become a better, happier salesperson? If so, Sales Clubhouse is for you or your team.

Unlike traditional sales training, Sales Clubhouse combines training, coaching and mentoring into a regular, accountability-based group programme that will engage and energise salespeople so they sell more now and sell with love. Featuring The Anti-Sales Manifesto, The Psychology Of Sales and the ABC of selling.

Cellular Attitude’s Sales Clubhouse requires 6 hours a month plus some out of hours coursework and will deliver a positive return on investment for all delegates. The full, three part programme runs for 12 months. Each segment is 16 weeks in duration and includes 8 sessions, each 3 hours long plus bonus sessions and 1-2-1’s.

What is Sales Clubhouse?

Cellular Attitude’s Sales Clubhouse is a group sales coaching, training and mentoring group covering every aspect of what makes a salesperson successful.

What can you expect?

The objective for Cellular Attitude is for Sales Clubhouse to become cost neutral to your business as quickly as possible. Members following the programme will generate enough new opportunities within the first quarter to pay for the annual programme before the end of the course. effectively, this makes Sales Clubhouse an investment that pays for itself and then continues to generate more revenue for the whole year.

Sales Clubhouse will give salespeople a sharper edge, more motivation, improved skills and significantly more leads that will generate closed business so that Sales Clubhouse delivers a very positive Return On Investment.

When and how often does a Sales Clubhouse group meet?

Each Sales Clubhouse group meets twice monthly, for three hours each time.

What is included?

Every member receives a printed and bound Sales Clubhouse workbook, a copy of The Anti-Sales Manifesto, four 1-2-1’s with a course leader during the programme and access to the Sales Clubhouse WhatsApp group. There are also opportunities for additional 1-2-1 mentoring. Access to the online training library and recorded sessions is included.

Who delivers Sales Club?

Sales Clubhouse is delivered by Adam Caplan, the author of Cellular Attitude and The Anti-Sales Manifesto. A charismatic and lively motivational speaker, sales trainer, coach and mentor, Adam’s passion to get the best results is infectious and engaging. He is joined by the effervescent Lirone Glikman.

Lirone Glikman

Lirone Glikman turned her passion for people, marketing, innovation and travels into a thriving business. Lirone is an internationally renowned speaker and the owner of a boutique global business development firm. She specialises in helping cutting edge start-ups enter global markets.
Amongst her keynote-speaking clients are hi-tech organisations such as Google, WeWork, government agencies, universities and other
leading commercial organisations.
She is a honorary adviser to a United Nations committee, dedicated to the UN’s sustainable development goals and founder
of SDG Relief fund NGO.
Lirone is an accomplished speaker, sales trainer and coach in her own right and her programme ‘The Human Factor’ is a very effective business development programme.

“Being able to sell is probably the most important skill that any commercial business or person needs to excel at, and yet, it’s often thought of as difficult and unpleasant.

For me, good selling is having the right attitude and ethical intention. Great selling takes that idea a step further. In the Anti-sales manifesto, we discuss the importance of really caring about your customers and really wanting to do the right thing by them.

As a sales trainer I’ve helped many delegates make excellent progress, however, I have seen just as many slide back to their old, unproductive, stressful ways.

We created the Sales Clubhouse programme to not only teach how to sell better, but also to hold every member to account, to keep them on track, to keep them motivated and to mentor them to achieve the best results possible for them and their customers.

The Sales Clubhouse is an annual course split into 3 programmes, each programme consisting of 8 x 3 hour sessions, taking place two or three times a month. Each programme includes high quality coaching, The Sales Clubhouse workbook, a copy of The Anti Sales Manifesto and Cellular Attitude, access to a private WhatsApp group, the opportunity to access 1-2-1 coaching and the online drive where all coaching sessions can be reviewed alongside many sales tools and resources.

Selling can be easy, effective, efficient and profitable, when you know how to avoid the common pitfalls, best practices and the value of the right approaches, attitude and resilience” Adam Caplan, Interviewed, London 2021

The programme is like no other, built on the three pillars of successful sales coaching: Accountability – Coaching – Mentoring

This is what guarantees results.

Meeting Structure

All meetings follow a specific structure that ensures every member gets an opportunity to learn, be coached and demonstrate their accountability to the group and themselves.

Part 1: Accountability – 55 mins

  • Weekly catch-up: Challenges met and overcome
  • Wins to share
  • Objectives for this session
  • Update on coursework progress
  • KPI points update
  • Referral requests

Break 10 mins

Part 2: Coaching – 55 mins

  • A coaching and training session from the Sales Club workbook

Break 10 mins

Part 3: Mentoring – 60 mins

  • Mentoring review from previous week
  • Overcoming obstacles & hurdles
  • Role play from coaching session
  • Group discussion
  • Referral corner and group support opportunity
  • Coursework for the next session
  • Key takeaways
  • Goal to achieve before the next session
  • AOB


The Sales Clubhouse programme runs all year, however, upon graduation, delegates can choose to re-enlist to repeat the programme or access Cellular Attitude’s Sales Lounge or Executive Suite offerings.


Public group programme (individual member in a group coaching environment), paid monthly or other quarterly or annual options. (Get in touch for more details)

Private group programme (company specific group coaching or private 1-2-1) is also available with group discount options. There is a maximum of ten participants for per public or private groups.

Programme outline

  • Why ‘The Anti-Sales Manifesto’ should be YOUR manifesto for selling
  • What do you want?
  • Why are you here, where are you going and where have you been?
  • Your Attitude: Ignite Your Passion!
  • Your Activity and Effectiveness
  • Understanding The Psychology Of Sales
  • What sort of salesperson are you
  • Understanding what sort of customer you are dealing with
  • What is Selling? & Why do we buy?
  • Helping customers make the right buying decision
  • LinkedIn and Social Media 1
  • Helping Customers to Get What They Want
  • The Customer Trust Generator
  • The Communication Matrix
  • The Wheel of Customer Communication
  • The ABC model of customer relationship management
  • The Five A’s of Cellular Selling
  • LinkedIn and Social Media 2
  • The Language of Sales
  • The Sales Wheel and the Grammar of Sales
  • Assertive Selling Model
  • Building the sales conversation
  • Using the ABC model to transform your sales
  • Dealing with Angry People & Why People Say No
  • KPI’s and the Math of Sales
  • Goals help motivate you and keep you on track
  • Closing, Closing, Closing and the art of The Deal
  • How to use the The Anti-Sales Manifesto, The Psychology Of Selling and the ABC model to transform your sales results
  • The rest of your life

Joining a group

Each Sales Clubhouse group member is interviewed before the group begins. It is important that every group member has the right attitude and professional outlook before being accepted. There is no cost to being interviewed.

If, during the first month you feel that the group isn’t right for you, we will give you a different group to try. We want every group to be full of like-minded individuals with the right attitude.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch here: Contact (