The Anti-Sales Manifesto webinar

Recorded January 4th 2021with Adam and Bianca Caplan

January’s webinar was an excellent way to start off the year.

We started the year off with a bang with our webinar The Anti-Sales Manifesto.

The ASM is the foundation of what we stand for. Less ‘Selling’ more ‘Helping The Customer To Make The Right Buying Decision’.

We share the Anti-Sales Manifesto Equation:
LOVE X (Knowledge & Attitude) X Honest Hard Work = Success & Happiness

We look at what mistakes salespeople make and how to rectify them quickly and easily.

We also look at best way to drive your sales career forward by caring for your customers as opposed to just trying to sell your products or services.

Enjoy the webinar and don’t forget to come to the next one ‘What is Your WHY?’ on Feb 8th.

Make every day a positive day: Adam and Bianca


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