Who needs the lottery?

Who needs the lottery?

In my latest article I explore why people really want to win the lottery and why you can have most of the benefits of winning the lottery, with none of the drawbacks and with additional benefits on top. Imagine if you didn’t need to win the lottery to have the life you dream of?

Why do you really want to win the lottery?

What do you have to do?

The answer is a question….

The real life lottery you can start winning every day.

At the risk of sounding like one of those very cheesy clickbait adverts online, this article could give you some food for thought.

This article is also going to be on my July 1st 2020 webinar (9.30am UTC/ GMT) and will be featured on our new podcast series also launching in July.

Let’s get into this! The lottery. Everyone wants to win the jackpot don’t they? A little side note here, I stopped playing the UK National Lottery in 1996. When I wrote this article I went to a website to see what would have happened if I had kept running those numbers for the past 25 years. The numbers were 2, 4, 6, 7, 26 and 42. If I had played every time, I would have spent in excess of £3,000 and ‘won’ 37 times. My total winnings would have been £615. A loss of around £2,500 and much time wasted vainly hoping to win.

Imagine though, if you did actually win the lottery. What would you do? How would it change your life?

All that ‘life changing’ money. However, why do you really want to win it? What will winning the lottery really give you?

The obvious answer might be for the money, but what do you want this money for? Money itself does not guarantee to make you happy, however it can give you the freedom to make the choices you want to make.

Unlimited money could mean:

  1. You never have to WORK again.
  2. You could have all your TIME to yourself.
  3. You can GO wherever you wanted in the world.
  4. You can LIVE wherever you want in the world.
  5. You can DO whatever you want, when you want.
  6. You can HAVE anything you want to have right NOW. Covid 19 restrictions notwithstanding.
  7. You can SUPPORT your family and HELP your friends out.
  8. You would have complete CONTROL over your life.

You could pretty much do what you wanted without anyone telling you what to do, where to go and how to behave. You would not have that daily worry and fear of not having enough money.

You would have complete control over every aspect of your life, and you would be in charge. Isn’t that what winning the lottery really means? Complete control over every aspect of your life.

No work, unlimited time, go wherever, do whatever, live wherever, have anything, support everyone and control your life.

Sounds like a blessed life, doesn’t it?

How can you win the big millionaire jackpot? It’s easy. Buy a ticket. Wait and hope that the odds of 45,057,074 to 1 are in your favour to get all six balls. Some lotteries have better odds of 13,390,937 to one. Someone’s got to win, right? Except…. do you know any big jackpot winners? Do you know anyone that knows a big jackpot winner? In the 26 years that The National Lottery has been running in the UK they say that they have made 5,500 millionaires. Mind you, as I said before, if I’d run my numbers for over 25 years I’d have made a loss.

Ironically, people who enter the lottery are leaving the ability to have complete control over their lives to chance! A 45 million to one chance at that! (By the way, Euromillions has a 1 in 139,838,160 chance of winning the jackpot).

What if you didn’t need to win the lottery to get all the things that a lottery winner ‘wins’ and more? What if you didn’t have to wait and hope for lady luck to strike and you could start ‘winning the lottery’ today?

How about being able to have complete control of your life, remove financial worry, reduce stress, have the freedom of making your own choices about how you live your life? All without having to buy a ticket?

Changing your life

“Who needs the lottery?” is a positive attitude and thought process that looks at how you can have everything in your life that a lottery winner has, without having to buy a ticket, and leave it to the statistically zero chance that winning the lottery is.

(Mathematicians might pull me up on the phrase statistically zero, the point I am making is that if you calculated the chance of winning as a decimal number there would be 0.MANY ZEROES until there was a 1, which I feel makes the number that represents the likelihood of winning NOT a significant number.)

Don’t leave it to such terrible odds. Make changes and you can immediately take control of your life, so that you can start achieving the lottery winner’s lifestyle of doing what you want to do, removing financial fear and uncertainty.

Whilst we don’t guarantee that reading this article will make you a multi-millionaire overnight, I do guarantee that you can change the direction your life is heading, and be financially stable, emotionally secure and live the life you want to live.

If you are in business or involved with sales in your role, you are already in a position to win the real lottery of life. In fact, it’s likely that you are already doing many of the things that ‘winners’ already do.

I run a sales training, business coaching and sales consultancy business. This gives me a unique perspective as I regularly meet people connected to sales. I can’t back it up with statistical evidence, however, I always ask my sales training delegates if they do the lottery and the majority tell me they don’t partake.

I think that there’s a reason for this.

Who needs the lottery…. when you can sell?

Salespeople are often achieving points 2 through to 8 on the list above and are putting themselves in a position to achieve point 1 earlier than most.

Selling (successfully) gives you the ability to be in charge of your earning capacity. It is unlike every other job in that regard. Simply put, if you sell more, you earn more! Sales people usually get paid commission or bonuses and business owners earn more if they sell more.

In addition, unlike other roles that are paid based on the clock, selling gets paid more on results than anything else.

The better the results, the better the pay. Also, the better the results and therefore, the more enjoyable the role is. We certainly enjoy activities that we are good at, so by becoming successful at selling, you are also increasing your enjoyment of your job.

In essence, selling is extremely easy. Find people that are interested in buying your product or service, demonstrate how it will help them and help them purchase it by asking the right questions.

In practice, people struggle with selling through fear, lack of knowledge or a lack of desire to succeed (often due to excessive amounts of fear and ignorance).

In our various face to face and online sales training programmes, we show people how to make selling easy. Techniques like Assertive Selling, where we demonstrate how to control conversations whilst letting the other person think they are in control are real game changers for salespeople.  

We also advocate ‘True Assertiveness’, where the letting go of holding, an often emotional, negotiation position, can be the means to achieving your end objectives. Using the right communication skills changes the dynamic of relationships.

When we look at ‘Dealing With Difficult People’, we know that having the confidence to handle difficult people and situations and can be a life changer.

Winning the lottery in our world means setting out the structure of your Life Plan by creating short, medium and long term life goals. ‘Reverse Goal Engineering’ these goals, so that you know what you have to do to achieve your goals, and live a life that is in your control and going where you really want it to go, is the end result we are looking for.

Create a life plan, set daily, weekly and monthly goals and targets, use the techniques to help overcome procrastination and ‘get things done’. Using tools like our Time Management and Time Tracker pads to improve your productivity and develop new communication skills so you can transform the relationships with people in your life, both professionally and personally.

We will be covering all of these over the coming months in articles and webinars.

Many of them will be featured in our forthcoming book ‘Where’s the Fish?’

All of the above, help you take back control or assert control over your life. By taking control, you will be feeling confident and going where you want to go in life, not at the whim of others.

Whilst you may not be a multi-millionaire by the end of the process, you will be master of your own destiny, which is exactly why you wanted to win the lottery in the first place. You do not have to be a salesperson to use and understand these techniques by the way.

It all starts with the belief and understanding that great salespeople gain over the years about how to do all of this.

  • Asking open questions
  • Listening attentively to the other person
  • Acknowledging what they say
  • Following up with a question based on what the other person said in order to keep the conversation flowing in the right direction
  • Being interested in the other person
  • Caring about their wants and needs to ensure that when you do help them buy from you, you are doing so, secure in the knowledge that it’s the right thing for the customer.

Salespeople understand about planning and forecasting, working out what activity they need to do to achieve their desired results. How many calls, how many customers, how many sales required, all are planned in and based on their understanding of their KPI’s.

Furthermore, great salespeople not only understand what to do and how much they need to do, they are constantly learning new techniques and improving themselves through training. The constant cycle of self-improvement is a hall mark of a professional salesperson.

Lastly and possibly, MOST importantly, the great salesperson understands the importance of psychology in selling.

Trust… in the customer to buy from you

Belief… in yourself

Positive… attitude is vital, negativity kills

Humility… a giant ego is not conducive to becoming a great salesperson

Care… about what is best for your customer

Honesty… s always the best policy to have a long term, successful career in sales

Share… your knowledge, help others, give back to the community

Enjoy… your life and enrich others

Choose… o be the best you can be and make positive choices

Responsibility… be accountable, take personal responsibility. It makes a big difference.

Commit… to working hard, engaging and putting the effort in to be successful

Great salespeople do all of these things, all the time.

So, to win the real lottery, become the best salesperson you can be and you’ll have everything that a lottery winner gets without any of the negative feeling that lottery winners often suffer from. If your life isn’t in sales or connected to selling at all, you should still take on the ethos and attributes that the greatest sales professional follow and adhere to. It will change how you view your life. If you are a salesperson or businessperson that isn’t achieving the items on the list above, get in touch with us and we can help you implement positive changes for your future.

At the beginning of the article, I said “to win the lottery the answer was a question”.

The question is the question that ALL great salespeople ask early on in ALL new customer relationships, it defines them and demonstrates they care, helps them understand the customer, starts the conversation off nicely, and helps them control the conversation from the very outset.

I’d like to ask you this very question now. If you want to answer me, simply email me, connect on LinkedIn, or call me.

The question is simply this:

How can I help you?


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  1. Hardly ever do the lottery. 2 or 3 times a year for fun. Would rather spend my money on training.

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